Using Pili Pop in the classroom

At Pili Pop, we love working with teachers. That’s why we’ve created the Pili Pop School Program specially for them.

The Pili Pop School Program

lets selected schools use Pili Pop in class for free during 1 year, and gives exclusive discounts for parents. In return, teachers of selected schools help us improve our products and adapt them for school use.
This program is open to any public or private school, anywhere in the world. You need to have iOS or Android tablets.

If your school is selected, you’ll receive one-year free subscription to all our apps and discount code on our subscriptions to share with parents. To apply, please fill the form below!

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teaching testimonials

I am delighted with Pili Pop, since it managed to cover the three stages of learning, apart from being fun and involving. And I love the speaking part !
Zuzana J., Montessori teacher

I can see where you are going with this app, and I have to say it is absolutely wonderful and educative, all at the same time. My students loved it.
Monica K. , Language teacher

We really appreciate how Pili Pop helps our students practice their pronunciation in a playful way. The app is really easy to use and progressive.
Laurent T. , Language teacher