Developed especially for kids by experts, Pili Pop is a language-learning method
based on immersion and oral practice.

Children have amazing abilities to learn new sounds but this neuronal plasticity disappears during their teenage years. The Pili Pop method, inspired by the Direct Approach, helps children get the most of this gift and relies on several principles: speaking, practice, motivation, immersion and progression.


A method focused on spoken skills: to learn a language, you first need to listen and talk. Our method focuses only on spoken skills. In all our products, kids can listen, record themselves and play back their recordings.


A method based on practice: from the start of the learning process, children must practice. They are in direct interaction with the language being learned and can train their pronunciation to improve. Thus, they understand that making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process and so they aren’t afraid to speak out loud anymore.


A playful method: motivation is key to successful learning. By having fun in a captivating universe, kids use our products regularly and for a long time.


100% immersive activities: children learn through “intuitive assimilation” like they did with their mother tongue. There are no translations but we aid comprehension with illustrations.


Progressive learning: children progress from level to level at their own pace. They start with simple words and gradually integrate them into complete sentences.

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