Pili Pop is a method developed by Pili Pop Labs, a startup founded in 2012 by Elsa Prieto, Soiny Duval and Eugene Ernoult.

Soiny Duval

Soiny Duval

Artistic director

Soiny is a graduate of Gobelins, one of the top graphic-design schools in France. She is a graphic designer and expert in user experience (UX design). She learned English at school but never really managed to be able to speak it until she worked in an English environment during an exchange program in the Netherlands.

For Soiny, the best way to learn a language is through immersion.

Elsa Prieto

Elsa Prieto

Technical director

Elsa also graduated from Gobelins but as a developer. She started coding at 16 while learning 6 differents programming languages. She learned Spanish at the age of 10 when her parents sent her to stay with Spanish relatives for a month.

For Elsa, the best way to learn a language is by practicing daily.

Eugène Ernoult

Eugène Ernoult

Marketing director

A graduate of the ESSCA Management School, Eugene is in charge of financing and marketing development at Pili Pop. He learned some English in school, of course, but most was learned thanks to all the hours spent playing video games!

For Eugene, the best way to learn a language is while having fun!

Soiny and Elsa met in 2009 while working together on an end-of-study project while attending Gobelins, a design school in Paris. Both of them had the same starting point: French people have a hard time learning English and an even harder time actually speaking it. After a lot of discussions and exchanges with language teachers and linguistics researchers, they realised that children had amazing abilities both to learn and recall language. That’s how they decided to create a method developed especially for children from ages 5 to 10 to help them learn new languages. They met Eugene in 2012 at Le Camping, the best French startup accelerator, and co-founded the company together. Eugene helps them manage the financial and marketing sides of the Pili Pop product.

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