The Only App To Learn Elvish
While Having Fun!

Pili Pop makes the most of established language pedagogy and innovative technology to teach the Elvish language in a way that is new and appealing for everyone. Pili Pop includes more than 350 Elvish words to learn and 24 engaging games that stimulate your imagination! Our unique speech recognition technology gives you valuable feedback to help you pronounce your first words with confidence. Get started on your Elvish language journey today!

What they think about Pili Pop Elvish

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by Aragorn

I've been learning Elvish with Pili Pop and it changed my life. Without it I wouldn't have found the love of my life.

star star star star star

by Gandalf

I can speak a dozen of different languages but Pili Pop helps me practice my Elvish regularly. I was able to open the Doors of Durin with this app. Lots of fun!

star star star star star

by Pippin

I'm not very fond of Elvish but I must admit that the activities about food got me interested.

star star star star star

by Gimli

This app is absolutely useless. It did not help me kill any orc.

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