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Pili Pop is the best way to learn a new language for children ages 5 to 10,
whatever level they currently have.

Unique expression activities

Our focus is to make kids practice spoken skills. That’s why we invented unique expression activities where kids have to correctly pronounce the vocabulary to win points and move forward in the game.

New activities every month:

To get the best results, it’s important that your kid stay motivated on the long term. That’s why we are regularly updating the content of our apps by adding new activities every month.

Useful vocabulary

Children learn vocabulary they use in their everyday lives (like colors,fruits and vegetables, clothes,and so on) through stories that motivate them to learn (pirates, extra-terrestrials, robots).

A progress report for parents

Parents receive a review of their children’s progress every month via email and get English learning advice thanks to the progress report!

Rewards & fun

All our activities are developed with the help of children in order to be sure that they love them! And to keep the motivation, they will earn fun rewards while they progress. Your children won’t want to stop playing!

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