Paris, September 24th 2015

Pili Pop Labs Expands Its Kids-tailored Mobile Language Learning Method to Spanish with Pili Pop Español

Pili Pop Labs, the award-winning educational technology company specializing in language learning for children, today released Pili Pop Español, a new Spanish-learning app that makes it fun and easy for children of ages 4-7 to learn Spanish.

Learn Spanish while having fun

Pili Pop Español comes packed with more than 200 Spanish words and phrases providing the essential building blocks for learning Spanish to kids. As children play through the games, they will encounter adorable characters that will help them practice their listening and speaking skills in Spanish while having fun. No prior exposure to Spanish is needed. In Pili Pop Español, each character represents a specific theme of vocabulary. For example, children will meet Tino, our pizza chef, and help him make the best pizzas while learning names of vegetables in Spanish! They will also help Lucía, our brave firewoman, to put out fires by telling her in Spanish which building is burning.

An innovative method developed especially for children

Research has shown that learning a second language early has many cognitive advantages for children, including improvement in problem-solving, memory, and multi-tasking. The Pili Pop method helps children make the most of their amazing abilities to learn new languages. It focuses solely on how children naturally acquire language, basing all games on listening and speaking activities. “We believe daily practice is the most important factor to succeed in learning a new language. The core mission of Pili Pop is to motivate children to speak in a foreign language on a daily basis” said Eugene Ernoult, co-founder and CEO of Pili Pop Labs.

Pili Pop also thinks about the parents

More and more parents are enrolling their kids in foreign-language classes. This can be an expensive and unmanageable burden for them. Unlike private lessons, Pili Pop is always available and fits children’s schedules while remaining affordable for parents. What’s more, parents can also follow their child’s progress, thanks to a monthly report.

Pili Pop Español is free to download today on iPhone, iPod and iPad:
2 free themes / 3 subscription plans (1 month: $9.99, 6 months: $39.99, 12 months: $59.99)

About Pili Pop Labs

PILI POP LABS is a Paris and New York based company specializing in language learning for children, founded by Elsa Prieto, Soiny Duval and Eugene Ernoult. Since 2012, the mission of Pili Pop Labs has been to help children around the world to become bilingual by discovering the pleasure of learning a foreign language. Pili Pop Labs is part of the Unique Heritage Media group, a media group dedicated to the youth and to their entourage.


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