Why Tablets Are A Great Way to Learn a Language

blogPost5 In the past, learning a new language usually meant sitting with a teacher and following a book, chapter by chapter. Or maybe you remember videos and tape cassettes: Hours and hours of repeating words…not so fun, especially for kids! The good news is, language learning doesn’t have to be passive or limited anymore thanks to…tablets! That’s right: Tablets not only put the fun back in language learning, they also make it…

Easy! Language classes can be hard to find and time-consuming: If you find one, you have to hope it’s not full, fit it into your family schedule, and then find a way to get your child there! Tablets make language learning more accessible, making sure your kid can learn whenever he wants, for as much or as little at a time! Your child can learn a language on the go: Waiting for the dentist, riding the bus to school…squeezing in some language time is easier than ever!

Interactive! No passive learning, no teacher required! Tablets let your child engage interactively with language lessons, just like a classroom discussion but more fun and stimulating! Your child can listen to sounds, repeat words, play games, and engage with fun characters in a truly dynamic way to build stronger pronunciation skills. With Pili Pop, your child will have a cute alien as a teacher! :)

Inexpensive! Language classes and especially private language lessons…ouch! They cost a lot! Tablets are an inexpensive way to help your child learn a language. With all that money saved, take a family trip…and let your kid be the language guide!

Ongoing! Language learning takes practice, but most resources are for one-time use. That’s exactly why tablets are so great for learning languages: Your child can jump from one lesson to another, from a story to a game, from a pirate friend to an alien creature…all at his own pace! Language learning is spontaneous and ongoing on tablets: Unlike books, videos, or tapes, there’s no end! The adventure continues!

Fun! Isn’t learning always better when it’s fun? Of course! Tablets take the stress out of language learning and help your child feel OK about making mistakes: It’s a natural part of learning! So no more feeling shy in front of the teacher, since your child’s confidence will grow thanks to the relaxed and fun nature of tablet learning! Your child will love all the stories, sounds, playful characters, and fun games that tablet language learning offers!

Tablets remove many of the barriers to language learning while making it a more dynamic experience. As technology reinvents the way kids learn, tablets make language learning easy, content-rich, and infinitely more fun!

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