Why Should My Child Learn English?

blogPost7 Of all the languages in the world, you might wonder, “Why should my child learn English?” The answer is short and sweet: English is not only fun to learn, it’s essential to being a citizen of the world! You can count on Pili Pop to deliver the fun, but here’s a few quick reasons why your child will love and benefit from being an English speaker, today and for years to come!

English, English everywhere!
English is the most commonly spoken language in the world: 750 million people speak it as a first or second language! This means that wherever you travel, chances are you will find people who speak or at least understand English. This means your child can communicate with people from many different cultures, speak English on your travels (order food, buy tickets, be your guide!), and eventually find great jobs in English-speaking countries (no less than 53!). Learning English is your child’s passport to the world!

When I grow up, I want to be…an astronaut!
Is your child the next Steve Jobs? Marie Curie? A future president? A pilot? A movie star? English is a commonly used language in so many exciting fields, from science and aviation to finance, government, and film. And that’s just the beginning! Learning English opens doors to tons of awesome jobs and makes your kid’s dream job come true! The sky is the limit!

Even my computer speaks English!
Did you know that 56% of all websites are in English? That’s right: English is an essential language for using both computers and the Internet! As your child grows up in our digital world of computers, tablets, and smartphones (and let’s not forget video games!), knowing English is key to communicating digitally and having better control of the devices we use. From game menus to surfing the Internet (and using Pili Pop!), knowing English makes your kid tech-savvy and skilled in the language of the future!

“To infinity and beyond!”
And let’s not forget all those great English-language movies and songs your kid probably loves! How fun will it be to sing along to Elsa from Frozen, or to know every line from the Toy Story series? English lets your child connect even more to so many beloved films and songs! English truly is the language of fun, so just relax and “let it go!”

Learning any language is great for your child’s development, social skills, and connection to our beautiful, multicultural world. But by learning English, your child will truly become a global citizen: ready to travel, engage with all kinds of cultures, and follow their dreams for a bright and inspiring future! So what do you say? Give your child a daily dose of English!

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