Why Should My Child Learn A Language Early?

Have you ever heard the expression, “Children are like sponges?” Well, it’s true! Young children, especially before the age of eight, absorb information from their environment much faster and better than adults. And that’s exactly why learning languages at an early age is such a great idea! Here are a few cool things your child just might tell you when learning a language early…

“Now I know my ABCs, will you speak English with me?!” The younger the child, the better he is at repeating new sounds. This means that learning a new language becomes both easier and fun! Your child will learn to pronounce words correctly and learn new vocabulary in no time at all, since language at an early age is actually a kind of play! So be prepared: Your child just may rhyme all the time!

“Look, Mom, I have superpowers!” OK, so your child may not begin to fly like Captain Marvel or leap like Spiderman…we’re talking about mental superpowers! When your child learns a new language early, suddenly it’s much easier to focus, switch tasks, do well on tests, remember things, be creative, do math…the benefits go on and on! Learning a language early helps your child’s overall development in multiple ways. That’s enough to make Iron Man jealous!

“Oops, I misspelled a word…no big deal!” Young children are much less afraid to make mistakes, which is so helpful when learning a new language! Being less self-conscious and having a young brain that’s less cluttered with facts and rules makes language a fun tool to explore and enjoy. Remember: Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s practice that makes perfect!

“Let’s all be friends!” Exposing your child to a new language at a young age also opens doors to new cultures. Your child will become more curious about people from different backgrounds, showing more empathy and appreciation. This can help your child get along better with peers from different cultures and grow up into a culturally sensitive adult ready to embrace our diverse world. Learn a new language and make the world a better place!

Childhood is simply a magical time filled with so many learning possibilities! Helping your child learn a language early makes this special time even richer and more fun—a wonderful discovery of oneself, the world, and the miracle of language that bridges the two!

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