What happens to the old Pili Pop application?

Thursday, October 9, we launched our new application Pili Pop. Following feedback from our users, it seems important to consider this question: what becomes of the old application?

For all users of the old application

Of course you can keep the old Pili Pop app on your iPad or iPhone. If you have not uninstalled it, it still appears in your applications. If you uninstalled, you can find it by logging into the App Store and going in the “Purchased” category . Here you can find all the apps you have downloaded.

On your IPad :

To access the “Purchased” category on iPad:
  1.  Launch the AppStore
  2.  Click on “Purchased” in the bottom bar


On your iPhone :

To access the “Purchased” category on iPad:
  1. Launch the AppStore
  2. Click on “Updates”
  3. Click on “Purchased” in the bottom bar


So you can keep the application as you have today, but it will not be updated. However, new users of Pili Pop only have access to our new application.

Why removing the old application from the App Store?

As said above, the old application will no longer be updated. We have decided to withdraw from the sale so that our users don’t buy a product that will not be maintained. All purchases are kept in the App Store, our old users can still continue using it ! Whether it is the old or the new app, we hope your kids will enjoy Pili Pop! Thank you again for your trust, The Pili Pop team

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