Portrait n°2 – Nancy & Morrison

Nancy comes from Rotterdam in the Netherlands where she lives with her son Morrison! He is a big fan of the app and he loves playing all the games in his bed.

IMG_5526 Nancy, mum & Event Manager

  • What I love to do: read, scrapbook, cook and eat.
  • Why do I use Pili Pop? We have family and friends in Canada and the US and our favourite place to visit is London. We practice a lot of words in our daily life, but I really wanted to have some structure. That’s how we found Pili Pop!
  • What I like the most in Pili Pop: 5 year olds think they can take on the world, so it’s very nice to have an app that my son can use without my ‘interference’. The proud look on his face when he gets another star: priceless!

“A great and fun way to learn!”

morrisonMorrison, 5 (and a half!), 2nd grade

  • What I want to be when I grow up: something on TV, maybe a chef or a singer.
  • What I love to do: LEGO, Angry Birds, read with mum and watch people play with LEGO or Angry Birds games on YouTube.
  • What I like the most in Pili Pop: the happy sound the app makes when I pronounce words correctly. My favourites are numbers and colours.
  • New theme I would like to find in the application: anything transport related would be much appreciated.

“I love collecting stars in Pili Pop, it means I can talk to anyone on our next vacation!”



Thanks to the lovely family!

If you want to be our next family portrait, please write us (line@pilipop.com)!

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