Pili Pop Labs joins the Unique Heritage Media group


A little over 4 years ago, we embarked on the Pili Pop Labs adventure with a simple goal: to help children learn a foreign language on mobile devices. It was a simple and yet an ambitious goal. Would it really be possible to get a child to speak a foreign language, with no teacher, at home, on a tablet, and have them do it every day?

Clearly, the answer is yes! Today Pili Pop counts over 600,000 downloads, 8 million activities played, and 30 million words spoken by children in a foreign language. We are very pleased to enable thousands of children around the world to practice a foreign language every day and to help them open up a little more to the world that surrounds them. The beginnings of Pili Pop haven’t been easy (two name changes, one full product redesign, two Business model switches), but we are very proud of how Pili Pop has evolved. And that’s just the beginning!

We are pleased to announce today that Pili Pop Labs joined the Unique Heritage Media group, a media group dedicated to young people and which already includes the Fleurus Presse and Quelle Histoire companies. The Unique Heritage Media group and Pili Pop Labs share the same vision of offering children the best learning and entertainment environment possible. This is a very important step in the growth of Pili Pop Labs and we cannot wait to show you all the new things on which we are already working. Don’t be surprised to soon find Pili Pop under new guises! A huge thank you to all of our employees, past and present, for their contribution to the success of Pili Pop Labs. And thank you to our investors, our partners but especially to you for having trusted us since the beginning.  

See you soon,
Soiny, Elsa and Eugene

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