Pili Pop celebrates the 2017 French Language Week!

At Pili Pop Labs, you know that we love to learn new languages ​​and new words. And there is no reason why French should be an exception, especially since the Pili Pop Labs co-founders are French! The French language is a rich language but also extremely diverse: France is not the only country that speaks French! There are nearly thirty countries where French is the official language or one of the official languages.

To celebrate the 2017 French Language Week, we invite you to discover French in a different way through expressions from the French-speaking world. You will discover expressions from Belgium, Quebec or Senegal but also French phrases that we find … in English!

Everyday, find a new French expression on our Facebook page from March 18th to March 26th:

The first #ExpressionDuJour is:
ParlerChapeau “Parler à travers son chapeau”

Canadian-French expression
Literal translation: Talk through your hat
Real meaning: Talk gibberish

Have a great French week!
Vive le français !

The Pili Pop team

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