Our spicy 2016 retrospection

Us being too good for our first escape room.

Us being too good for our first escape room.

So many things happened in 2016 for Pili Pop! The first months of the year were dedicated to finalizing our acquisition by Unique Heritage Media, and it involved a lot of stress, sweat, tears, laugh and comforting spicy food. Once everything settled, we were so happy to finally be able to work on new ideas that we almost didn’t take a break until now. Please take a long breath and have a look at our traditional annual year in review:


  • We’ve created the Parent account: one simple way to access to your subscription on all of our apps and across all of your devices.
  • We’ve released Pili Pop for Android! Since the beginning, many of you asked for it, but we needed to be sure to be able to offer the same top-quality experience than on iOS. We hope you weren’t disappointed!
  • We’ve added our unique speech recognition technology to Pili Pop Español: now your kids are really able to improve their Spanish pronunciation and get a feedback. ¡Muy guay!
  • The well-known French children’s magazine Pirouette now has 2 pages dedicated to English learning with Pili Pop every month.
  • And last but not least: BOOKS! Yes, we’ve released the three first titles of our collection called Immersive Books. It’s a book, but it’s also an app, and everything is explained here if you missed the news. We achieved that in a very limited timeframe, and even if we had no experience in writing books whatsoever, we’re quite proud of the results! It’s amazing to give life to the adventures of our beloved and crazy Pilis.


Our stand at Kidexpo

Our stand at Kidexpo


  • Hélène joined us for an internship in June as a graphic designer and illustrator. She did so well that she joined the team a few weeks ago as an employee!
  • Guillaume joined us in June too, but as a mobile developer! He turned Pili Pop into a multinational company as he is living near San Francisco before coming back to France in 2017. He is also the first of us to become a parent. Congrats!
  • We’ve started working with Erin as our pedagogic expert. Erin has done research on language acquisition, worked as an editor for Penguin Random House, and is also an English teacher.
  • We’ve again worked with great freelancers this year, our old-partner-in-crime-sound-designer Sylvain of course, but also our animator Maia and our illustrators Mathilde and Sophie. Oh, and Maya Tuttle, our voice actor, who happens to also be a singer and a drummer, go check her band!
  • In a continuous effort to turn Pili Pop into a multinational corporation, Elsa started conquering the West by moving to New York City.


  • We got acquired by Unique Heritage Media! We’ve joined the teams of Quelle Histoire and Fleurus Presse and we are now sharing the same mission: creating amazing products for children. So far it’s been a great change, allowing us to grow our team and working on new projects, as you can see here! This is such an important news that it deserves to be alone in its category!
    And that’s a wrap! We all took some well deserved holidays to charge our batteries. Because if everything goes as planned, 2017 should also be filled with great projects, ideas and experiences, always following the same goal: to help children enjoy learning languages. As you must know, our users are our inspiration, and we always like to hear from you. So if you have anything to tell us, whether it’s to give an advice or an idea, to criticize or to ask a question, leave a comment or contact us! Again, thank you for your support and your fidelity, and we all wish you a very happy new year!

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