Our Spicy 2015 Retrospection

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.39.01-2 And here is our third edition of our annual retrospection! Three times, it’s starting to look like a tradition! This year again, we’ve worked hard, we’ve tried many different things and we’ve learnt a lot. We’re starting to accept the fact that making apps for kids is tough. 2015 has been the year when many of our fellow kids app developers dramatically changed their strategies, and I think 2016 will be full of surprises. Let’s hope they’ll all be good! In the meantime, here is a small list of what really happened and what we’ve achieved this year:


  • We’ve reached the 500 000 downloads milestone! And not only you downloaded our apps, but you used them more than 4.3 millions times!
  • We’ve been in the top 10 grossing app for kids in France for nearly half of the year and often number one. Some may think it’s good news…
  • We’ve released 12 themes, 36 activities, and managed to keep our pace of one theme per month. Lots of updates, lots of crazy experiences with Apple’s Review Team.
  • We’ve launched My English Summer in collaboration with Glee Club, and shared great activities and videos to learn English at the beach throughout the whole summer.
  • We’ve launched Pili Pop Español and offered it to all our Pili Pop English subscribers.
  • We’ve answered to more than 1000 emails from our users, because helping you enjoy Pili Pop is our top priority!



  • Team didn’t grow as much as we needed this year, as we had to keep expenses to the minimum. We’re almost professional bootstrappers!
  • We worked with two great interns though, Sabrina as an illustrator and Patricia as a communication manager and official internal Parmigiano reseller.
  • We also worked with Julien who did a great job interviewing parents about their needs concerning apps and education.


    • We were selected to YC and ImagineK12 interviews! It’s been a really intense and mind-blowing experience, and we got a small glimpse of Silicon Valley’s very particular mindset. We came back empty-handed… but suntanned!
Our fancy terrace in Mountain View

Our fancy terrace in Mountain View

  • We’ve been invited to Barcelona and spent a few days mixing business, tourism and great food.
  • We won the Tell Us Award at Futur en Seine, celebrating startups making a difference in modern education.
Making a difference in education is really one of the top goals we want to achieve. We know from facts that it’s easier for kids to learn a language, and we’re deeply convinced that technologies can help them make the most of their gift. We also think that learning new languages helps being open-minded about other cultures and that’s something we would like to encourage, particularly after what happened this year in France. We wish you a very good and spicy year, and we want to thank again each one of you who helped or encouraged us in any way. Elsa, Soiny and Eugène

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