Our Spicy 2013 Retrospection

It’s that time of year again, where you take a step back and try to have a look at what you’ve done, whether it was right or wrong, so that you can start a new year with new hopes and goals. From our own experience of being entrepreneurs, it’s something we need to do more of, as we are always too focused on what comes next, “la tête dans le guidon”, never realizing how much we’ve accomplished. So today, we want to share with you a little retrospection of what we’ve done in 2013 from different perspectives.


  • We were joined by 5 great interns: Pauline, Mary, Leslie, Melanie, and Abby (by order of appearance) We hope we’ve taught them as much as what they’ve brought to the company. New year’s resolution: find some boys.
  • We had to go through our first lay-off. Not an easy thing to do, but sometimes your finances don’t let you grow your team as you’d like.
  • We relocated the team for a few days in Nantes and we had a great time together, enjoying la province


  • Our metrics skyrocketed. We went from 1.517 downloads to 120.000, and from 120.000 words learned to more than 4.000.000! But sky isn’t the limit …
  • We improved our app Pili Pop a lot with seven updates. We’ve added two new levels, improved speech recognition, added multi account features, released on iPhone and so on. Iterating until we have only 5 stars reviews!
  • We released a new app: Pili Pop Christmas. Huge step for us as we’ve only been working on one big app since the beginning. But we found that Christmas was a good reason to create a new app that will allow many children to discover how awesome Pili Pop is, and for free. Is that the beginning of a series? Certainly, yes.
  • Our support team (composed of 1 person) answered several hundreds of requests from our users. Because we think that a good support is mandatory, and because it’s how we know what needs to be improved in our apps.
  • We’ve organized several focus groups. We think that working directly with kids is one of the key to great apps, so we’ve started to build a team of young testers that fuel our creativity and make our candy budget explode.


  • We changed our name. We had a hard time making this decision, but in the end we didn’t really have the choice… So we went from Babble Planet to Pili Pop, and this time kids had the last word.
  • We went free for one week and reached the top 3 overall for several days. With our own two hands and a budget of 0, we succeeded to climb the sacred App Store rankings getting above Temple Run 2! Okay, just for several days, but still…
  • We released two infographics. With two graphic designers in our team we found that infographics are a great way to communicate about subjects related to our activity. We’ve made one about Christmas, and one about learning English that was shared around 2.000 times.
  • We had awesome blog reviews, press articles and even made an appearance on French TV! Our app has been reviewed by many websites around the world, in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and more! We also had a nice article about our name(s), or a great interview of Soiny. And here is our app being demoed on a well-known French TV show.
  • Apple has been featuring us more and more often. We’ve been in the “best apps for Christmas” selection, and in the best apps for 6-8 y.o. Working with Apple is not always easy, but they’re starting to value the quality of our apps.


  • We raised our first funds. A tiny step for mankind, a big step for us, that will relax our banker for at least one year.
  • We won several prizes, including a Parents’ Choice award, and a LeMobile Startup award.
  • We had our second acquisition offer. Even if we eventually turned it down, knowing that someone is interested in buying your company is always a good sign.
  • We started a blog, but we guess you’re aware of that.

What a year, what an adventure! Now we can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring. We hope we will have the same amount of learning, creating, laughing and some unpredictable adventures! We wish you the same, and we thank you for your support.

Elsa, Soiny and Eugène

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