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Our latest update has just been released, and it includes one new topic (Winter Clothes) and a brand new rewarding system. This post explains why and what has changed for the different rewards inside Pili Pop.

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In order to keep our young users motivated, Pili Pop offers two rewarding systems: stars that reward their progress, and puzzle pieces to collect that encourage them to play on a regular basis. But, based on our focus groups and on the many emails we’ve received, we understood that the current system was simply not optimal. So here are the two improvements we did:

  • From now on, kids can’t collect all the puzzle pieces by playing only the first level of the activities. We didn’t anticipate this, but our smart users quickly understood how they could trick our system, and were only playing the easiest levels to collect all the puzzle pieces. Now every level can only unlock a certain amount of pieces, so they will have to play the hardest levels if they want to complete their puzzles!
  • The rewarding scale for stars is now different between comprehension and expression activities. The star score ranges from 0 to 3 and is directly related to the number of good answers validated. Looking at our metrics, we realized there is a gap between the average score from expression or comprehension activities, because expression activities are harder and slower. In the new version, we introduced two different star score scales for each different type of activities.

Creating a good rewarding system is hard. We hope we made it clearer, and that it will motivate your kids to practice their English on a regular basis! Don’t hesitate to contact us at support@pilipop.com if you have any question or remark, your feedbacks help us improve the app!

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