Coding vs languages: what should your child learn first?


At Pili Pop, we know how hard it is to raise a child in today’s complex and ever-changing world. Public schools’ methods are often out of date when it comes to teach pupils’ innovative skills.  

You’ll probably agree (we certainly do!), teaching a child a second language is one of the best things a parent can do. However, a new special language seems to attract more attention every day…yes that language is code.

It’s a fact, Your child is growing up in a radically different world to the one we knew at the same age. A world dominated by softwares and connected items. It’s no surprise smart parents start wanting their children to learn code and thus neglect foreign languages!  

The market already offers multiple solutions: apps, board games, toys, websites. In an ideal world, children could learn foreign languages, code programming, piano, and much more…but unfortunately we live in a busy, hectic world, where time is precious for both parents and children.  

Therefore the big question: should code learning be considered more important than foreign languages? The UK’s digital industries ambassador Joanna Shields believes coding should replace French in public schools. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg proudly promote Hour of Code, a campaign to teach kids basic coding rules.  

At Pili Pop,we just believe a child should never be forced into learning something he doesn’t feel comfortable with. Little children have a natural gift for learning, creating, exploring…as long as they truly enjoy it!  

Both programming and learning a second language provide great brain benefits: playing with code helps children develop problem-solving skills and computational thinking, mastering more than a language improves their communication skills and brain flexibility.  

Well, that’s true, a developer certainly needs English to code. Still, it should be your child’s choice to decide which skill to learn first. As a parent, you can give your child the chance to experiment different apps and games, you’ll soon understand what works best for him! After all, there’s no better joy than seeing your little ones having fun while learning :) …That’s why at Pili Pop we work hard to make sure children learn English with a big smile!

What do you think, is one skill more important than the other?  

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