[Pili Pop English update] New free trial period and access to 30 activities for subscribers!

Dear parent,

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we are proud to announce that your Pili Pop English app is improving! Here are the main changes for this update:

New free trial period
It was sometimes difficult to take full advantage of our 7-day free trial period (7 days, it goes fast!). We have therefore taken your feedback into account and completely changed our trial period: Now, you can test our different activities 40 times for free! Discover Pili Pop English again by updating your app or downloading it again!

A new theme to discover every day
In addition to the 8 activities to discover for free, your children can now discover a new theme of the day that changes every day! Do not hesitate to log in regularly to discover the new theme of the day!

2_menuThemeDuJour Access to more than 30 themes for subscribers!
You now have access to more than 30 themes overall when you subscribe to Pili Pop! With this large catalog, your kid can now move at his own pace! We continue to add new content regularly so that your children always have new things to discover in English.

Improving our speech recognition engine
We continuously improve our speech recognition engine. This month, we changed our speech tool to make it easier for your child to repeat the words he is learning. This will allow him to better work on the words / phrases he still has some difficulties with!

A new theme: Nature
And of course, a new character to discover this month. Meet Charles, a traveler who explores the world with his eagle and learn words like tree, stone, leaves, wood, river, fire … nature will have no more secrets for your child! Nature_comp You want to try Pili Pop English changes? Download the app now!

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