5 Things You Can Do to Help Your Kid Learn a New Language

So, your child is ready to start learning a new language? Fantastic! Don’t stress: Whether you speak the language or not, there are several simple but fun things you can do to help your child practice. With these five tips, you can help your child learn better and faster by “squeezing in” little habits into your daily lives! Ready, set, go!

visuel1 Make language practice a regular habit! Practice makes perfect! Like other skills, language learning needs to be a regular habit. Help your child schedule a set time to practice, and stick to it! Maybe a little bit everyday before school, or right before dinner? Eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, practice!

visuel2 Let your child be the teacher! Kids love to be the boss, so why not let your child teach you a little? When kids explain what they learn, they actually learn even better! Asking your child to teach you a few words or phrases everyday is a great way to help them learn a new language, boost their confidence, and spend precious time together. So tonight, it’s your child’s turn to read you a bedtime story!

visuel3 Speak it, read it, see it, sing it! In addition to using Pili Pop everyday (because you do, right?), immerse your child in other fun multimedia resources. Reading storybooks, singing along to music, and watching videos are all great ways for your child to learn a new language in a fun, dynamic way. The next time your child cleans up his room, turn up the music and let him dance his way through!

visuel4 Bring out the post-its! We know you don’t like a messy home, but trust us, this idea is awesome! Help your child build vocabulary by labeling objects around your home with little post-its. It’s fun, it’s practical, and it’s easy to clean up when you need to. Just think of it as a cool way to organize your fridge, your closets…nothing will ever go missing again!

visuel5 Make it a game! Language learning as a game? Now there’s something your kid will love! Take ten minutes at a time to play a quick flash card game with your child to build vocabulary, sharpen memory, and have tons of fun! You can use the Pili Book as flashcards, or, if you’re feeling creative, make your own using photos or simple drawings! Reward your language superstar kid with the prize of your choice: a new puppy perhaps?! And of course, if your child has friends who speak the language being learned, why not invite them over?! Let the games begin!

Helping your kid learn a new language can be fun for you both without taking up too much extra time. Learning a new language is a journey, but with these five tips, you can help your child enjoy the ride!

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