3 fun Easter activities to do with your children

Easter   It’s Easter time! You’d love to surprise your children with awesome games but you lack good ideas? No panic, here’s three great activities with eggs that will blow your kids’ mind!     Making art with paint filled eggs paint A perfect game for artistic little minds. You’ll just need some empty eggshells, washable paint, tape and a canvas or a poster. First make a hole at the top of the egg, big enough to empty it. Once the eggshell has dried, fill it with coloured paint and cover the top with a piece of tape to make sure the paint doesn’t come out. Your paint filled eggs are now ready! Just grab a canvas, give your kids the eggs and watch them create their masterpiece! Easy but super fun :)   Easter eggs bocce backyard-games-bocce1 A simple but really entertaining game! You’ll just need some hard boiled eggs: one unpainted and 2 eggs painted with the same color for each child. To start the game, player 1 throws the plain unpainted egg out in the field. Then, player 1 throws one colored egg trying to get as close as possible to the plain one. Player 2 does the same and so on…The trick is to knock other players’ eggs away, moving them far from the plain egg. Once all players have thrown their eggs, measure the distance between the colored ones and the plain egg…the player who got closer to it wins the game!     Easter treasure hunt hunt An adventurous version of the traditional egg hunt that can be played both indoor and outdoor. Here’s the concept: the Easter bunny has drawn a map to a hidden treasure, your kids will have to find it! Before starting the game, draw a map showing where the treasure is hidden. Cut the map into pieces, put each piece inside a egg and carefully hide all the eggs. Your Children will have to find all of them to discover where the treasure is! The choice of the treasure is up to you: chocolate eggs, toys, books…great fun guaranteed!     Pili pop tip: children who use Pili Pop learnt colours with Jamie the painter! They’ll be proud to show it off if you ask them while playing with coloured eggs! If your children don’t play with Pili Pop, let them try our Easter activity! They’ll learn English numbers from 20 to 50 while helping Alice finding her chocolate eggs!

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