[Pili Pop English update] New flashcards videos and new Prepositions theme!

Dear parent, The new Pili Pop update is full of changes! Here are the main ones: Flashcards videos To help your child learn vocabulary words, a new feature is now available: flashcards videos. Perfect for reviewing the words and learning how to write them. You can find the flashcards videos in all available and future themes! New theme for subscribers:… Read more →


Raising A Bilingual Child: 5 Common Myths That Shouldn’t Scare You

You’ve already heard all the great benefits of raising your child to be bilingual…but maybe you’ve heard some scary things, too? It’s natural to feel a little nervous: You want to make sure that language learning is right for your child! So let’s look at five common myths about bilingual children…and learn why you shouldn’t worry! My child will have… Read more →


[Pili Pop English update] New free trial period and access to 30 activities for subscribers!

Dear parent, In order to provide you with the best possible service, we are proud to announce that your Pili Pop English app is improving! Here are the main changes for this update: New free trial period It was sometimes difficult to take full advantage of our 7-day free trial period (7 days, it goes fast!). We have therefore taken… Read more →


Discover Pili Pop Français, the best app to help your child learn French!

Next week is the French Language Week and we have a big surprise for you! Today, we are releasing Pili Pop Français! Now your kids will be able to learn French with our award-winning method! With a single subscription plan, your entire family can now learn English, Spanish and French on iOS and Android! Discover our new app now and… Read more →


5 Amazing Benefits of Raising Bilingual Kids

Learning a new language can be totally fun and open your mind to new cultures. Kids are especially pros at language learning: After all, they’re naturally better than adults at learning new sounds (who said adults are smarter??). But wait, there’s more! Bilingualism also offers lots of great benefits that your kids will enjoy their entire lives. Raising your kids… Read more →


Why Tablets Are A Great Way to Learn a Language

In the past, learning a new language usually meant sitting with a teacher and following a book, chapter by chapter. Or maybe you remember videos and tape cassettes: Hours and hours of repeating words…not so fun, especially for kids! The good news is, language learning doesn’t have to be passive or limited anymore thanks to…tablets! That’s right: Tablets not only… Read more →

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